A visitor's guide to Budapest, Hungary

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest is the country's commercial and administrative center encompassing twenty-three districts. Budapest is one of the world's most beautiful cities and perhaps one of the most popular destination spots in Europe. Budapest is split by the River Danube and both sides have an equal amount of sightseeing options for even the most discerning traveler.


If you really love bridges, you will get a variety of them in some distinctive shapes, sizes, and construction materials from the Arapad Bridge, which is the longest in Budapest, to the newest bridge Lagymanyosi Bridge with its unusual lighting.


Museum lovers will not want to miss Castle Museum with its 5 exhibition halls offering everything from the Tomb of Gul Baba to Medieval Jewish Chapel helping to understand the history of Budapest. You also want to stop and check out the Hungarian National Gallery offering medieval carvings, wooden sculptures, alter pieces, as well as baroque art and much more for those who love the arts.

Outdoor Attractions

If you want to be outdoors, there are a variety of attractions for you to explore and still enjoy the mild weather including Acquincym, which is a wonderful open-air museum, Gul Baba Turbeje shrine and statue park.

For a bit of adventure you can head over to the Buda Hills where you can explore major caves, or check out the Buda Hill Labyrinth or check out the Sziget Festival with great acts and a lot of cultural offers for everyone!

Outdoor Theater

Between September and June, you will find a wide variety of theatre and opera events since Budapest is the center of Hungary's theatre scene from the breathtaking opera and ballet at the Hungarian Opera House to Theatre Madach, which offers critically acclaimed shows.

Day Spas

Few tourists will want to miss an opportunity to try out one of the day spas offering you saunas, stem baths and a variety of cafe's, juice bars, opportunity to check out the swimming tubes and open air pools Szechenyi Spa is one of the most popular in the area and open typically the longest hours in comparison to others.


Whether your tastes in food are Japanese, Korean or Hungarian, you'll find a wealth of restaurants in Budapest, from reasonably prices to very high priced. Wasabi offers the best Japanese and Korean foods for those with big appetites you will want to try out Trofea Grille, which offers an all you can eat buffet and if you are looking for more traditional Hungarian fare you will enjoy Leroy Cafe.

Night Life

When you're searching for an active night life, you will definitely not want to miss some of the adventurous open-air evenings you can spend in Budapest! From A38 which is a boat converted to a nightclub, to Dokk Beach offering six different looks (beach club, club on the bridge, bed themed club, dancers in underwear and a rave club) to Zold Pardon offering live concerts on a nightly basis.

You can tour Budapest on a budget or go all out and splurge on your visit there. Regardless of what your budget it, you'll find a wealth of activities designed to help you enjoy your trip!