Ten tips for Boston tourists

For those planning a trip to Boston, here are some tourist friendly tips. Boston is a wonderful place to visit year round. These helpful hints will help you find your way around and give you the opportunity to visit some wonderful places.
  1. Pick up a map of the MBTA - you'll be amazed at how far you can get! From the heart of downtown Boston to the outskirts of the city. Make sure you get a subway map! The "T" is easy to get around on and you can get a long way on short money!
  2. Love to walk? Great - come to Boston in the summer time (or even the fall) and you'll be met with a plethora of great sites to see! From Fanuel Hall Marketplace to the North End, you'll have a wonderful time traversing the city! Hit all the highlights that you can find on maps all over the city!
  3. Don't miss out on the churches in Boston! You will find some of the most beautiful stained glass work and architecture anywhere! Take a stroll through the gardens while you are there. Take advantage of the architecture you see around you. Boston has some beautiful buildings.
  4. Great restaurants: While you're here you should consider stopping at Union Oyster House for lunch! Fair pricing (and don't miss the chowder) - head over to the North End for dinner! Pagliuca's is the best!
  5. Must have dessert! While you are in the North End make sure you stop at Mike's Pastry Shop for dessert. You'll most likely be met with long lines but it will be well worth the wait!
  6. Something different: You will find some of the country's premier research facilities in Boston. Consider doing your good deed for the day. Stop in and bring a gift to one of the hospitals to be given to a needy child. Nothing fancy! A coloring book and crayons from a local dollar store will brighten the spirits of all children!
  7. Boston Common - Offers something for everyone. Walk around and look at the kiosks, see other tourists and say hello to the travellers and workers who just stepped out for lunch!
  8. Do not stay in Boston proper overnight - You can find much better hotel rates on the outskirts (and you can take the "T" back in). Consider the Sheraton Braintree.
  9. Fenway Park - No trip to Boston would be complete without stopping at Fenway Park! Must see! Even if all you do is go and take photos go for it!
  10. The Convention Center - head over to the BCEC area and just take a look! There are all sorts of hotels, waterways and areas to just stop and clear your head!
There are thousands of small, out of the way places to see in Boston. If you're a history buff you'll love the trails, the cemeteries and more! Enjoy yourself! You can even get in contact with the Boston Lions Club and they'll even give you a guided tour if someone is available! These ten tips for tourists will help you enjoy your trip to Boston.