What to do if you are facing foreclosure

The housing market is in a shambles as the result of the financial crisis in the United States. Combine low home values (making selling your home more difficult) and unemployment and more people than ever are facing foreclosure. Some homeowners are still attempting to sell their homes (some for more than the appraised value) while others are struggling to make ends meet and making their payments. There are still others who are facing foreclosure and are uncertain where to turn for guidance.  Here is what you should do if you face a foreclosure.

Contact the lender

One of the worst decisions that a homeowner can make when they are facing foreclosure is to stop communicating with the lender. While there is no doubt that the homeowner is facing a wide variety of emotions including fear, anger and depression, ignoring the lender is not a valid solution. In some cases, homeowners may find the lender is willing to work with them to keep their home.  This should always be the first thing that a homeowner does when they are facing foreclosure.

Check into programs 

There are several new programs that are designed to help homeowners who are struggling to keep their homes. While not every program will work for every
homeowner, the government programs are designed to help people stay in their homes.  Some programs are for those who are not facing foreclosure (to help prevent it), others are designed for those in specific states and others are designed for those who have second mortgage loans.  Before a homeowner decides to simply give up, they should check these government home loan programs for eligibility.

Contact an attorney 

One of the best decisions a homeowner may make is to contact an attorney if they are facing foreclosure.  Real estate law is very complicated and there are statutes that change frequently.  Homeowners do have some choices when they are facing foreclosure and some of them may allow them to keep their home.  An attorney who understands the various statutes and how they apply to an individual foreclosure case can provide good advice to a homeowner facing foreclosure. 

No homeowner likes the idea of losing their home to foreclosure. There seems to be more news about the rates of foreclosure climbing every month.  Homeowners who are struggling to keep their home in these difficult economic times have some options available to them.  While the first thing that should be done is to contact the lender, homeowners should obtain legal assistance if they are not getting aid from the lender.