Inexpensive Valentine's Day dinner menus

If your budget is suffering during Valentines Day there is no reason why you can't create an inexpensive Valentines Day dinner menu at home.  It is somewhat ironic that an evening of romance such as Valentines Day is often celebrated in noisy restaurants surrounded by strangers. Let's take a look at some budget-aware dinners that you can make at home without a lot of fuss.


Appetizers need not be expensive to be tasty and appreciated. A cheese board with crackers and fruit could be served along with a glass of wine as a fine appetizer without breaking your budget. For those who are weight-conscious serve hummus as an alternate with pita bread (seasoned or unseasoned).  Hummus can be made easily (and inexpensively) or can be purchased premade.  You can make hummus yourself and it will add an inexpensive appetizer to your Valentines Day dinner menu.

Main Course

Generally the main course is going to be the most costly part of your inexpensive Valentines Day dinner menu. But, with some careful planning it does not have to be.  Here are some thoughts on inexpensive main dishes:

  • Cornish Hens - Granted these are small but they offer the benefit of being tasty, easy to prepare and cost effective. Prepare them by brushing the skins with olive oil and stuffing them with a bread stuffing and they will be just right for your Valentines Day dinner menu.  Serve with mixed vegetables or with squash for just the right flavor combination.  If you are looking for something more exotic for flavoring you can find hundreds of various recipes for Cornish hens.  Cornish hens are inexpensive, easy to prepare and perfect for a romantic dinner for two.
  • Pork Chops - Pork chops are a favorite of many and can be a tasty low-cost alternative to a pork roast or other expensive cuts of meat. Serve with a baked potato (complete with trimmings) and applesauce and you've got an inexpensive Valentines Day dinner.  Pork chops can be prepared in a variety of ways including simply broiled without a lot of fuss if you are short on time.  Pork Chops are an inexpensive alternate that are available to add to your romantic Valentines Day Dinner.
  • Beef - For beef lovers, watch for sales on Prime Rib, London Broil during the weeks before Valentines Day.  You can prepare several inexpensive beef dinners for those who prefer beef.  Watch for good cuts of beef that are inexpensive or purchase a less expensive cut and follow some easy tenderizing ideas for beef.
  • Vegetarian - For those who prefer a hearty meal without meat, there are countless ways to serve a delicious, inexpensive Valentines Day dinner without meat.  With more and more people becoming health conscious, many will elect to serve one or more of the countless vegetarian recipes that are available.  Being vegetarian does not mean you can not prepare an inexpensive Valentines Day dinner menu.
  • Dessert- No romantic dinner should be without dessert and coffee (or tea).  You can plan an elaborate or a fancy dessert and still provide an inexpensive Valentines Day dinner menu.  Choose the dessert of your choice whether it's a light or heavy one.  Selecting only one dessert recipe will be the hardest part of this portion of your menu!  If you would like to have your coffee more exotic you can purchase a flavored liquid coffee creamer.

Planning a quiet romantic dinner for two for Valentines Day does not mean spending money that you simply cannot afford. With planning and spending wisely you can create an inexpensive Valentines Day dinner menu.