Making the most of Social Networking: Twitter Tips and Tricks

Social networking was originally thought of as a place to keep up with friends, family and co-workers. Today however, social networking is becoming a marketing phenomenon for business owners, website owners and article writers.

Proper use of social networking sites can help drive new traffic to a website, get more regular readers, help increase earnings from page views on your blog and can even help you land a new job.

According to Alexa, 4,612,891 sites link link to Twitter and more than 30 percent of the traffic on Twitter is generated from the United States. This same traffic reports show that over a three month period ending 04/10/2017 Twitter has had an increase in traffic exceeding 27%.

With these types of numbers, there are numerous reasons why you should be active on Twitter for promotion purposes. Let us walk through how to get started on Twitter.

Getting started on Twitter

Open Twitter account
Starting your Twitter account is a simple process. Simply log into Twitter and sign up. You will need a valid email address and a userid. If you use a pen name to write you may want to consider using it as your Twitter username.

Write your background
Fill in useful information about things you want people to know about you in your Twitter profile. Do not forget to link your other social media page to your Twitter account profile.

Personalizing Twitter
Personalizing your Twitter account is a great idea so that you can be identified. You may use a photograph or you may use an icon or other images as you deem appropriate. You also can change your background by going to "settings" "design" where you can select existing layouts or upload your own.

Finding followers
When you have your Twitter account set up and customized to your satisfaction, you are now ready to begin finding followers. The easiest way to do this is to find someone you know first.

Send your first tweet
Sending your first tweet on Twitter is simple! Type in your message (140 characters or less) directly into the dialog box and press the "tweet" button. You've now sent your first tweet!