Sorry I am not that stupid

So today was not one of my better days, it was largely non-productive (as was yesterday) but, I managed to tick a few folks off so all is not lost <grin>. And I am certain that once this blog post gets read that there will be a few MORE people ticked off so let’s get moving! I did get a message today in Gmail (which is not associated with this blog I might add!)….offering to “exchange links” with me. Basically, if I linked to their site, they would link to mine. Now the interesting thing is that they chose THIS blog to ask for a link on.

The reason I find this so surprising is that this particular blog, for whatever reason, has 0 PR. Not sure why, it simply does not. Course it’s also still relatively new and I haven’t exactly been working that hard on keyword rankings either. Given that I’m only getting 30 – 50 page views a day, that’s probably a factor. Whatever. Back to the point….

So, let’s get started: As I stated earlier – why would anyone want to link to a PR-0 site from a PR2 site? Mystery but whatever. Who is Leinka Mills? Well, we’re not so sure because if you do a Google search on her she comes up as a spammer who is well known for sending out this EXACT email for a variety of sites. OK so let’s see if she actually owns these sites….ummm not so much. According to Who is records, the sites are owned by someone who uses the email: (like that is so real *ugh*). …. So let’s take a quick look at these sites….first of all, I find it highly amusing even that she / he / it has not included an actual LINK to either of these sites in this email. Makes her look like less of a scammer/spammer I guess. Wait though, it does get better….Of course, this “person” is working on some freaky link building scheme. They’re not asking you to pay for linking but they are TRYING to suck link juice from you to make sure that their scams get promoted. Oh! Did I say scams? Yes, I found more than one. Let’s take a look at two links I picked out of their website <ready?> You can look at the others and determine for your self what the deal is there but the two with the red arrows intrigued me.

So tell me who buys a URL that reads like this? seriously? This is the “best way to make money online (not)” website. Of course all you will find on there is a link to the “instant payday” program that tells you how to attract other scammers suckers people to do the same thing and you of course will make thousands of dollars a day (same crap, different name)….so let’s look at the OTHER site that promises “Make Mass Money”…. +First of all, the site name actually matches this time. But the site will eat your eyes out of your head. It brings UGLY to a whole new level – because I don’t want people to have to click through to these scumbags, I’ll show you a quick clip: And, here’s the kind of English you can expect
Thanks For Coming To Are Site. Here Are Some Great Software. Tell Everyone So They To Can Get These Software For Free Why They Last. We Post New Software All The Time So Make Sure You Check Back. Thanks Agian
So I checked out their three links without clicking on them, I simply rolled over with my mouse and GUESS what I found:

HERE’S WHAT THE WORST PART OF THIS SCAM IS:Join these sites for free (supposedly tested sites right)
1. Zip Nada Zilch – proven scam
2. WAZZUB - another (unproven) scam
3. AW Surveys – and their TOS is fascinating with this clause (and I quote directly) “(L) Yearly Earnings: The maximum amount that can be claimed during 1 fiscal year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st), is $550. Amounts over this must be held to the next fiscal year to receive payout.” … which means they are scamming the IRS!

 So lady/sir whatever you are…. take your spam someplace else and when you are interested in getting links from legitimate sites you should vet your scamming buddies better. Important note: It appears that as of May 6, 2017 these sites have disappeared from search engines and now show as unused. This is GREAT news for those who are looking for legitimate work at home opportunities.  

Self-­Employment: A dose of reality Part II

After reading a really misinformed article about the joys of self-employment I felt that I really needed to respond. As I started my rant, it quickly became apparent that there was no way I could finish this in one blog post because the level of stupidity that greeted me was just beyond the pale. I started the rant a couple of days ago. I was so wound up however that I needed to take a break! Please do take the time to read the first dose of reality before you read this one or it will not make sense.

Self-employed do not have to put up with the moods of people higher than themselves in work.
Wow! Just plain WOW. Has this person EVER worked with a client who was in a bad mood? Has this person ever had a client criticize their work for no good reason? My guess is that nearly ANY person who is self-employed can point to one client who one day went off the rails and screamed, complained for no seemingly good reason or simply refused to pay for a piece of work that was completed and delivered. If you haven't been a victim, you haven't been self-employed that long and you can anticipate this will happen one day.

Self-employed people are also not earning a measly wage or salary, but making big money for themselves

This was also giggle worthy for a number of reasons. For the most part, people who are self-employed are NOT making big money when you consider (a) the number of hours they are working (b) the amount of taxes they are paying and (c) all those benefits we take for granted when we really have an employer. Keep in mind those who are self-employed are buying their own life insurance, paying for their own medical insurance and paying 100 percent of social security tax instead of their employer paying half of it. Not to mention when you have a computer or other necessary tool break down in the workplace, you are responsible, not your employer. This is delusional.

Self-employed people are also at the liberty of going to work in any dress code that they desire

This at least is MOSTLY true. Provided of course that you don't use a video interview with a new client or have clients dropping by to meet with you.  At least ONE part of the article was ALMOST accurate.  I'm sure that at least one self-employed person can talk about this better than I can since for the most part, I couldn't care less what I wear when I work.

Self-employed people can be proud of what they have created

THIS THIS THIS YIKES this is such a broad statement that I cannot even begin to think how to address it so let me say this about that. My guess is almost everyone has had at least ONE assignment as a freelancer (yes, you're self-employed if you are a freelancer) that made them cringe.  Here are a few for instances:

A writer is asked to write an article that is STUFFED with useless keywords that mean nothing. A website developer is asked to create a website that is loaded with flash and other features they do not agree with

A client demands the freelancer do some task they simply know will not work out well, but the client insists.

There are a lot of benefits to being self-employed but if these two posts show anything they show that the person who wrote the original article is not nor never has been self-employed.