How to make your home more energy efficient

Saving money is important to everyone. Whether it is during difficult economic times or when attempting to save money for a vacation, retirement or a special purchase. There are many tips for saving money but, many are asking how to make their home more energy efficient to save money. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways.
  • Timers - use timers on the lights in your home, especially in those rooms where you tend to gather with your family. Set the timers so they automatically turn on at dusk, and turn off at bedtime. In general, this will mean that your lights will be off far more than they are on.
  • Energy-saving light bulbs - the new energy-saving light bulbs can save you several dollars a year.  While they may cost you upwards of $8-$10 initially, they not only longer, but they use far less energy than standard light bulbs. If you replace all of the bulbs in your home, you can save a substantial amount of money over the course of a year.
  • Filters - check the filters in your heating and air conditioning systems to ensure they are not clogged. Replacing or cleaning filters will ensure that your system will run far more efficiently. The more efficiently heating systems run, the less energy will be required. If you do not currently use permanent filters, consider investing in them.
  • Close the curtains - take advantage of natural solar energy in the wintertime by opening your curtains when the sun is highest and closing them once the sun goes down. In the summertime, close the curtains when the sun is highest to prevent the home heating up. This will save money on air-conditioning or cooling costs.

Stunning Survey Stupidity

When will people ever learn? I received a comment on a not very flattering post calling out oDesk Customer Service on my other blog. The comment of course did land in my spam folder as it was riddled with links. Richard, Richard, Richard…before you spam websites with your comments you might want to make sure that you are not running the risk of getting called out as a con artist peddling some sort of bogus program.

Without showing you the entire stupid comment, I’ll just show you the beginning of it so you can see what I was seeing: “If you want to make $20-$50/hour and up to $3500/month of your time working at home part-time then this is the most important message you’re ever going to read…” Cool in 70 hours a month (that’s just about 2 weeks), I can earn that much money? Show me the way! (head slap).

Of course as most of you know by now I cannot resist going to these sites to see what phony program they are promoting and of course, this was not any different than most. Except you want to talk about morons. I have to admit that while I am not a grammar or punctuation cop, I do definitely look for blatant misspelled words. But this was worse than most….get a load of this puppy: I have a ton of faith in a work-at-home opportunity that cannot spell business correctly. Go figure.

But the point is that his “opportunity reviews” are full of scummy offers too. The first post is about a site that pays you for surveys. The site claims to belong to Jay Stiver. When I checked his photo in Tineye it’s on about 25 other sites (half of them are non-English sites) and he’s everything from an Affiliate Marketing Guru to a stock market trader; of course there’s something else too that we typically call a con artist . So I’m here to call out the immediate lie that I see on the site, namely “This is the only legit survey site online, so if you are interested in making hundreds per day just giving your opinions then make sure you check this out.“.