How to promote a business blog

Business blogs create some unique challenges for the companies that maintain them.  On the one hand, a company blog can be a great way to promote a business while on the other hand, it may seem that the company is using "smoke and mirror" techniques to mask any shortcomings in their products or their services. Capturing the right tone for a business blog is challenging enough, but once that is accomplished the challenge becomes how to promote a business blog.  In many ways, a business blog can be marketed using similar methods as those used for non-business blogs, with certain exceptions.

Notifying clients about a business blog

Customers and clients should be made aware of a business blog. This may be done by posting a notification on the company website or by sending out an email notification.  Clients should be advised of when they may expect to see new information posted to the blog as well.  The last thing that a business should do is allow a blog to grow stale. For business owners who are only planning to update a blog once a month, clients should know when during the month they can anticipate seeing a new post.

Using social media for promoting a business blog

Social media can provide a powerful means of reaching out to people who are not yet customers of a business.  When used properly, a business blog that is promoted via social networking can result in additional sales. Caution must be used to ensure that the image that is created on any social site (like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) is in line with the overall corporate image.  When used properly, a social media platform can be a great way to develop a new client base.

Existing newsletters and web pages

Companies who set up corporate blogs should always make sure that they are properly promoting their blogs in existing newsletters and on their website. Business blogs can provide a great platform to help enhance the overall experience of both existing clients and potentially new clients. While there is some danger to an interactive business blog, there are countless benefits as well.


5 reasons why your business needs a social media expert

Nearly all business ventures can benefit from having an active social media presence. Today this is becoming more important than ever.  One of the most significant challenges associated with social media marketing campaigns is the overall management.  Social media campaigns involve more than sending out an occasional update to those who have followed a business on Twitter or checking Facebook to see who has flagged a business as a favorite.

A solid social media campaign involves several facets including responding to messages, providing relevant information to followers and managing followers. Effective social media campaigns can help boost a company's credibility, raise awareness of brands and help generate new interest.  Making the decision as to whether to manage social media campaigns internally may come down to identifying the 5 reasons why a business needs a social media expert.

1. Established knowledge
Social media experts will have developed their knowledge of how each social media site works individually and how they can work collectively. While some social media experts will have focused on one or two methods of promotional work on a limited number of sites, a true expert will have learned how to tie multiple social media networks together and combine them for more effective promotion.

2. Writing ability
There should be only a few social media experts who have not mastered the art of writing effective articles, blog posts and other relevant content. While it may seem unusual, one significant aspect of social media marketing is to provide information to followers.  Without the expertise to write on a variety of subjects and provide good, quality information to readers and followers, most social media campaigns will ultimately fail.


Why companies want employees who work from home

It should not come as a big surprise that companies are more willing to look at telecommuting options for some of their staff members. Over time, there are benefits that companies are discovering either because they have tried telecommuting or because of other companies' reports on their successes with telecommuting. One of the biggest companies who attempted telecommuting is AT&T and while they have slightly scaled back their program, it was widely accepted as successful.

Cost savings analysis

One of the primary reasons why work at home is more acceptable to many employers comes down to simple mathematics. Companies can save as much as $8,000 per year per employee. While some of these savings are typically a result of needing less physical space, in some instances because telecommuting can be considered a benefit, some employees may be willing to take a slightly lower salary in return for the flexibility offered to them.

Ability to verify

Companies are beginning to understand some interesting factors about employees who work at home. In many cases, work at home staff members are far more productive than their "in-house" counterparts. In large part, this is because there are fewer interruptions, fewer distractions and more than ever before, companies are able to "monitor" their at-home staff members working habits. This is due in large part to technology that allows them to review activity in real time or on a delayed basis.

Tips for a successful social media marketing (SMM) campaign

Marketing is a crucial component of success when you are establishing your business online. Whether the campaign is for a small business owner, large business owner or a freelancer who depends on residual income, social media marketing campaigns can be very valuable. However, successful social media marketing campaigns are not as simple as they sound. Successful campaigns depend on a variety of factors and should be carefully thought out. Here are some tips for a successful social media marketing (SMM) campaign.

Develop a good reputation

Whether setting up a website, a social media campaign or a Facebook page, reputation and credibility matter. The most successful social media campaign is one that is started after a reputation is developed. The process of developing a reputation may include developing a business brand, providing great customer service (both on and off social media sites) and providing great information through social networking sites. Do not damage your reputation by slamming competitors or posting false information on social networking sites. In addition, make sure someone is responding to personal or direct requests for information about your company.

Avoid over-selling your brand or product


Best ways to advertise a new business

Regardless of how large or small a business is, there is an ongoing need to advertise. However, new business owners are often at a loss of how to get started. Frequently, small business owners have small advertising budgets and therefore, they need to make the most of what they have available. Here are some of the best ways to advertise a new business on a small budget.

Social media marketing

One of the best ways to begin an online marketing plan is through using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is important to interact with people before the “selling” of a business begins. Once a following has been developed, sharing relevant information can help build credibility, drive traffic to new (or existing) website content and drive interest.

Free advertising on Google

Not everyone is aware that they can advertise their business on Google for free. Using Google local or Google maps, add information about the business including name, address, telephone and type of business. Once Google has confirmed the information (via mail or telephone) there will be a business listing when people are searching.